The Guide To Losing Weight For People Who Don’t Want To Exercise

by TK on May 9, 2021

in Health And Fitness

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Want to lose a few pounds but do not have the time or dedication to hit the gym?  Here 7 tips to lose a few pounds without hitting the gym.  Note, I will be using the term exercise a lot down below.  However, when I say exercise, I really don’t mean exercise.  By using exercise below, I mean short low impact activities that do not take much bodily exertion but burn calories.

1) Walk 10,000 steps.  10,000 steps roughly equals 5 miles (assuming each stride is 2.5 feet long).  How do you fit more walking into an already busy schedule?  Get off at a bus stop further away from work.  Instead of parking close work, park a bit further away and take that walk.  In the office, get up and walk around every hour or so.

2) Five minutes of jumping jacks when you first wake up and before going to bed.  You can also do pushups and/or situps too if you are so inclined but jumping jacks are less tiring.  If you do it when you wake up and before you go to sleep ,that’s 10 minutes of exercise that you’ve put in.  According to Livestrong, a 155 pound person will burn 569 calories for every hour of jumping jacks.

3) Watch tv and do low impact exercise at the same time.  Watching tv makes exercise somewhat easier because you are so engrossed with the tv that you forget that you are even exercising.  Some low impact exercises you can do right in your living room include: weight lifting (with small weights), situps, step aerobics, running in place, stationary biking, pilates, yoga, pushups, lunges, squats.  There are many more exercises you can do in front of the tv.  But the main takeaway is that if your body is moving, it is burning (more) calories.

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4) Bring veggies to snack on.  Snacks often undermine your ability to lose weight.  A lot of times, the urge to snack has nothing to do with satiating your hunger—it has to do with satiating your desire.  So if you can’t stay away from snacking, you should try to substitute snacks.  So instead of eating chips, try eating veggies or other low caloric snacks.  Celery or broccoli are great snacks—they barely contain any calories.

5) Pick out low fat/calorie versions of your favorite food.  Food manufacturers have gotten quite good at making low fat and low calorie taste similar.  So if you cannot drop your favorite snack or drink from your lifestyle, use low-fat versions.  The low fat versions will cut your caloric intake in half.

6) Put the remote right in front of the tv.  This promotes walking as you will have to walk to the tv everytime you want to change the channel.

7) Buy a jump rope and use it regularly.  You wouldn’t believe how much down time you have at home.  Whenever you find yourself not moving at home, use a jump rope.  Jump rope whether you are pondering the mysteries of life or thinking about what to eat for lunch tomorrow.  Jump rope if you are watching tv.  Jump rope if you are bored.  You don’t have to tire yourself out.  But doing it for a few minutes at a time throughout the day will definitely add up to some calories burned.

The goal of these seven tips is make your body work more and take in less calories.  We are not going for long periods of bodily exertion, we are going for short exercises and activities that don’t tire us out.  But when combined, these short exercises will burn more calories during the day.  Remember, regardless of what you do, it still takes a 3,500 calorie deficit to burn one pound.  So don’t think just because you are more active that you can eat more.  That is what keeps a lot of people from losing weight—the feeling that they deserve a treat after the hard work they’ve put in.  Giving yourself regular treats will in turn make your workout fruitless.  You are not burning more calories to maintain your current weight—your goal is to lose weight.  Don’t forget that.

This guide is just to get you started with losing weight—a few pounds to give you the motivation to do exercises that are more physically exhausting.  To lose even more weight, you will have to do more intensive cardio and also eat right.  Don’t think that doing the above will magically get you into tip top shape—but it’s a good start.

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