Good credit is essential in America today, and there is a network of credit reporting agencies that keep track of your current credit rating and check your credit worthiness every time you apply for a loan, credit card or any other type of credit. If you feel overwhelmed and confused by your credit situation, this proven credit repair system, which includes a CD with e-book and forms, shows you, step-by-step, how to access your credit report, remove negative marks that destroy credit, add positive credit indicators and turn bad credit into good credit.


  • step-by-step instructions and information
  • how to test your credit worthiness
  • how credit bureaus work
  • how to develop a triple-A credit
  • how to obtain and use credit
  • what your credit report discloses
  • the 10-step strategy to repairing your credit
  • gaining creditor cooperation
  • turning around your bad credit rating, from tax liens to bankruptcy
  • repossession to foreclosure
  • credit scams to avoid
  • useful terms and resources


  • request for credit report
  • request for free credit report
  • complaint letter to delete inaccurate information
  • request for removal of outdated information
  • request to merge inquiries with account
  • reminder to respond
  • demand for corrected credit report
  • addition of consumer statement
  • request for husband and wife file separation
  • request for addition of supplementary credit references
  • explanation for delinquent payment
  • creditor settlement agreement
  • request for reasons for credit denial
  • master credit data

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