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Your credit score is extremely important.  Potential lenders, landlords and even employers use your credit score to measure your responsibility and assess your financial risk.  The FICO score is the most prominent credit score used today.  Nearly all lenders use your FICO score to assess your financial risk.  A great to get your FICO credit score from all three credit bureaus (Transunion, Experian, Equifax) is to sign up for one of the services below.  They will give your credit score from all three bureaus and also your credit report.  It comes with a free trial of their credit monitoring and identity theft protection service. Some of you may be interested in that as identity theft runs rampant in society today.  Credit monitoring services alert you whenever there has been unauthorized access to your credit.  But if you decide that you are not interested in their credit monitoring and identity theft protection services, then you should cancel before the trial period is over.

1) Profinity

Profinity gives you all three credit scores and gives you a 30 day trial to their credit monitoring program and it will automatically renew if unless you cancel beforehand.


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