Creative Ways to Make Extra Money

by Chloe Muller on March 26, 2021

One of the best bosses I’ve ever had taught me a valuable life lesson: always have a side hustle. The side hustle is your way of earning extra money, in addition to your primary employment. For example, I was directing a test prep program in New York City. A few nights a week, I’d volunteer to teach an intro lecture for one of the classes. Boom. An extra $200 in the next paycheck. At university, I waited tables in a busy restaurant. But I also made sure I could run and expedite food, pour drinks, wash dishes and prep food. That meant when I had time I could step in and cover for anyone who was out sick. And it meant extra cash.

We all have bills, and debts, and expenses to pay, and no one wants turn down extra cash. It’s out there. You just have to know where to look and be willing to go and get it. If you want to earn extra money, take a look at the following list for some ideas:

1. One of the most obvious ways to earn extra money is by working more. So get a second job. See if there is any time in the week you can commit to another employer, or in doing additional tasks for your current employer.

2. Ask your boss for a raise.

3. Go for a promotion.

4. Look for a new job in your field that pays more.

5. Freelance. Go online a see if any of your skills are in demand on a contract basis. This line of work is most compatible with things like web design and web content writing.

6. Those of us with any amount of time in the work force have accrued certain knowledge and skills. Becoming a consultant is away to market those skills and earn extra cash.

7. Sell your old college textbooks or other books.

8. See if you can turn a hobby, such as art or music, into a business venture, by selling your work or teaching lessons.

9. Focus up! Some online focus groups will pay you for your opinion, and it only takes an hour or so of your time.

10.  eBay. Either sell off the stash you’ve been accumulating since college, or shop for cheap second hand stuff to resell.

11.  Throw a yard sale/ garage sale/ moving sale/ ex-pack rat party.

12.  Write a blog and make money online.

13.  Start a mini landscape/ yard work biz in your neighborhood.

14. If you find that you are already home and caring for your own children, why not start a childcare service?

15. See above, but with pets.

16. Tutor high school or college kids in your area.

17. Become a substitute teacher near your home.

18. If you speak a second language, you can also teach a second language, especially to those who are interested in conversational practice.

19.  Rent out a room in your house.

20.  Collect coins to sell. ( You’ll need to know a bit about which coins are worth how much.)

21.  Become and Avon Lady. These types of direct selling businesses can be very helpful in earning spare cash.

22.  Look into the world of secret shopping. Get paid to go to stores and provide feedback.

23.  If photography is a hobby for you, see what extra money you can make by selling some of your photos to stock websites such as Fotolia.

24.  Online sweepstakes can offer great prizes, which can save you money on things like appliances.

25.  If you use your credit cards responsibly (after you’ve eliminated your debt, of course), then Credit card rewards can really pay off. Make sure you’re paying the bill on time each month, and you can accumulate rewards for frequent spending.

26.  Start a home or office cleaning business.

27.  Anyone working in the financial world or with some good accounting skills can make extra money in tax season by helping people with tax prep.

28.  Examine the savings account you currently use. Could you switch to one with better rates? This will make you more money too.

29. Avid cooks and bakers should think about selling their wares in the community or online.

30.  Become a delivery person. If you already use your car to commute to work and run errands, why not see if you can earn extra by delivering goods for local businesses?

Just one of these extra money making tips may not be enough to make you millions, so be willing to combine two or more of these “side hustles” to really impact your finances.  Good luck!

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