Copywriters are typically found in ad agencies, public relations firms, and marketing firms. Essentially, their job description entails using words to sell a product or service. Copywriters write material for TV commercials, brochures, flyers, and advertisements. This material is used everywhere from national ad campaigns to ordinary slogans. Knowing all of this, you should get the idea that copywriting is a very specialized form of communication. By establishing the link between advertisers and potential consumers, copywriters play a significant role in modern and guerilla marketing.

Copywriting can be a very rewarding job for individuals who are highly creative and driven. Copywriters must be able to present proposals, drafts, and ideas to potential clients. They should be able to vary their language and tone to suit whatever product or service that is being sold. Copywriters should also be able to study and review various advertising trends, consumer surveys, and marketing material in order to be competitive. Because “copy” appears everywhere from taglines, jingles, online ads, television and radio scripts, press releases, billboards, postcards, social media sites, and press releases, copywriters must be highly adaptable and willing to learn.


Copywriters can earn anywhere from $20,000 per annum to much more than that. Company copywriters typically earn around $20-$30 an hour and about $25,000-$50,000 a year full-time. Companies will often ask the copywriter to sign an exclusivity contract meaning they won’t be able to work any jobs on the side to supplement their income. Because of this, many creative copywriters are instead choosing to go freelance, meaning they have control over what projects to take and how much time they can dedicate to it.  The freelancing route can mean a copywriter can make much more; however they will need some experience to demand higher pay.

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