Buying A House

Looking at buying a home.  Here you will learn how to buy a house with our step-by-step guide.  Buying a house the first time can be somewhat of a daunting task.  The amount of paperwork and the monetary value involved can make just about anyone jittery.  But buying a house is an important milestone in one’s life.  In this section of Smart Finance 101, we will attempt you to guide you through buying your first home, step by step through what is probably the biggest purchase of your life.  The main topics are listed in chronological order in the home buying process.  The subtopics are further reading you can do on main topic if you are so inclined.  In our homebuying guide, you will find out:

  • If you are able to afford a house at this time
  • If it is the right time to buy your house
  • How to buy an investment property
  • How much should you spend on your house
  • The characteristics of a great home
  • Learn what neighborhoods to avoid and what neighborhoods to live in
  • What to do when there are problems that come up along the home buying process
  • See what types of loans you qualify for
  • The different types of mortgages and which one is best for your situation
  • The difference between and appraisal and an inspection
  • What closing costs are and how much you should expect to pay in closing costs
  • What other fees you are expected to pay besides the down payment
  • What you should do and where you should go if you do not have enough for a conventional down payment (20%)
  • How to find a great real estate agent to work with
  • …And much much more!

The best thing you can do right now when you are buying a house is to go over our guide thoroughly and refer back often during your home buying process.

Should You Buy Or Rent?

    1. Should You Buy A House Now?

Getting All The Paperwork Ready To Buy A House

How Much Of A Mortgage Can You Afford?

Checking Your Credit History Before Buying A House

Finding A Real Estate Agent

Getting Preapproved For A Mortgage

Start Looking At Houses

    1. Buying Distressed Properties

Securing A Down Payment For Your House

    1. Where To Get Down Payment Assistance
    2. Do No Money Down Mortgages Still Exist

Finding The Lowest Mortgage Rates

Making An Initial Offer On The House

The Home Inspection

    1. What Happens When There Is A Problem With The Home Inspection

Getting A Mortgage Approved

    1. The Different Types Of Mortgages
    2. The Difference Between An Adjustable Rate Mortgage And A Fixed Rate Mortgage
    3. FHA Loan Qualifications

Getting A Real Estate Appraisal

Closing The Sale

The Closing Costs