What is Chexsystems and how do I know if I’m in it?

If you have recently experienced a jaw-dropping denial of a checking account by a bank that you held in high regards, ChexSystems may be your problem. The bank may have given you the cold shoulder and denied you that account because of something that they saw when they ran a report on you. A majority of big players in the financial industry use a check system that tells them a lot of information about the way you handled past bank accounts. Here's how you can deal with the approval killer called ChexSystems.

What Is ChexSystems?

The brief and uncomplicated definition of ChexSystems is "consumer reporting agency." You're probably familiar with the credit bureaus and how they report your payment history and so forth. Well, ChexSystems is a credit bureau for the financial industry. When consumers mishandle their bank accounts, the banks report that mishandling to ChexSystems. ChexSystems then keeps the information in its database until it either expires or is resolved.

Certain banks connect themselves to the ChexSystems database and access it before they make decisions about approving bank accounts. ChexSystems does not have the right to tell the banks that they must deny a consumer a bank account, but oftentimes, the banks judge the consumers based on the information in the report anyway. Banks that don't use ChexSystems often will approve accounts as long as the consumer has identification and a significant amount of cash to store.

Bank account mismanagement can come in many forms and thus cause you to be listed in ChexSystems for how long. One bonafide way to get on the ChexSystems victims list is to allow your bank account to close permanently with a negative balance. Over drafting or pulling money off of an ATM card when you do not have it in the account is another way that you could end up in the ChexSystems hall of fame.

Many banks do allow their customers to overdraft (for a fee) as a courtesy or as a feature of their specific debit cards. However, if those actions become excessive, or if you do not pay the overdraft fee and bring your account current, you may end up on that list. Some other actions or lack of actions that can cause you to end up in the system are actions such as:

  • Check bouncing
  • Check floating
  • Check kiting
  • Opening the account with false information

Most of those processes are easy to understand and avoid. Check kiting is a complex process that you would surely know if you were doing it. It's best to avoid all of the above-stated situations like the plague so that your reputation stays either golden or silent on ChexSystems.

How Do I Know If I'm in ChexSystems?

You may be wondering how to find out if you are in ChexSystems. Perhaps you did have a recent overdraft or a banking discrepancy, and you are wondering what to do about it. If you're trying to open a different bank account, the banks will surely let you know if you are in the system. If you just want to find out to ease your mind, there is something you can do.

You can go to the source itself and take some steps to get the information. You're entitled to at least one ChexSystems report every year. Additionally, you're entitled to a report if a bank has refused you an account within the past 60 days. You can ask the company to send you a detailed report, and that will let you know if you are in the system or not.

If you do have items on the report, it will show you the name of the institution, the incident date, and the leftover balance if there is one. You can choose to handle the items on the report in a variety of ways. Obviously, the most effective way to handle a negative item is to contact the facility and try to pay the debt. You may have to get in touch with a third-party collection agency if the original institution sold the debt to someone else or referred it to someone else for collections.

If there is no balance involved, there may not be much that you can do about the negative record other than trying to find a second-chance institution or waiting for your information to fall off the records. Hiring any attorney may work if you have the funds to do so.

If you believe that you have showed up on ChexSystems in error, you can go through a dispute process. By law, they have to remove discrepancies and information that is not true. They have to conduct an investigation just like any other credit bureau would have to conduct such an investigation. If you are not on the list when you check the report, then you will receive a blank report in the mail, and that blank report will ease your mind about things. You can go on with everyday life knowing that you are not on the hit list in that case.

How to Check ChexSystems

So now you may want to know how to check if you are blacklisted. One of the easiest ways to get some help and some information from ChexSystems is to contact ChexSystems customer service. The number to the customer service department is 800-428-9623. You can listen to general information about the system, or you can order your report from it. You can visit the ChexSystems website and conduct some tasks if you think that someone has been using your information fraudulently, or if you want to initiate dispute requests. The site has a very user-friendly dispute process that you can delve into if you need to. Other things that you can do on the website are check your consumer score, put a security freeze on your information, or educate yourself further about your rights and various processes.

How Long Does It Take to Get Out of ChexSystems?

The last thing that you may ask if you are in the ChexSystems database is "How long do you stay in ChexSystems?" The question, "How long are you in ChexSystems?" can have a number of answers, and they all depend on how you handle yourself after you find out that you are in the system. ChexSystems normally keeps information in their records for up to five years. Thus, if you do nothing, you could end up in the system for the fullness of five years. If you make a good-faith effort to resolve the issues that exist, then you, may be looking at a shorter period of being marked as someone who may mismanage accounts.

If you have an outstanding debt, and you pay the debt, ChexSystems may remove the negative report within 30 days of the receipt of your payment. Such is not always the case, though. You may remain in the system for the fulness of five years, but the account may be notated as paid. The bank may then consider the fact that you paid the debt in their decision-making process. It's possible that you will still have trouble getting an account even if you pay the debt, but at least you will know that you did take care of it.

Now you have some knowledge about ChexSystems, how you can get on it and how you can stay off it. The best way to avoid getting on it is to stay on top of your accounts and always leave a little bit of extra money in them for "accidentals." Take care of problems immediately and proactively check your profiles.

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Get out of chexsystem

How To Get Out of ChexSystems?

Whenever you apply for a bank account or write a check, most merchants will verify the transaction through ChexSystems. Who is ChexSystems? Well, they are a check verification service and consumer credit reporting agency. They provide the merchant with some assurance that doing business with you is safe. They hold information on more than 300 million consumers in this country. If you have anything derogatory on your report, you will be unable to open a bank account or pass checks. Thankfully, you can dispute anything on incorrect on your record, and you can ask for a ChexSystems removal, if you feel that information on you is erroneous. Here’s how:

Step 1: Get a copy of your ChexSystems report

Obtaining a ChexSystems report is very easy, and it doesn’t cost anything. There are four ways that you can request this information. The easiest method is to go to their website. By clicking here, you can fill out this form and they will send you a report within five business days. The online form will ask for information such as your full name, address, and social security number. You may call the company directly at 1-800-428-9623. The voice messaging system will ask you for the information necessary to process the request. If you prefer to do things by mail, you can fill out this form here, and send it to them at:

ChexSystems, Inc.
Attn: Consumer Relations
805 Hudson Road
Suite 100
Woodbury, MN 55125

Lastly, you can fax a request to them rather than using the mailing service. Their fax number is 1-602-659-2197. If you get back a blank report, then you don't have a file with ChexSystems. Once you have this report in your hand, go through every detail. If something doesn't look right, then you have a right to dispute it. Keep in mind, if you open an investigation and do owe the money, they have a right to use any information you provide them with to collect the debt.

Step 2: Write a Dispute Letter to ChexSystems

Writing a dispute letter is the easiest way to challenge the information in your report. In section 6, we have a model of a dispute letter that you can use. You have a right to file a dispute both with the bank who reported the information and ChexSystems. In fact, it may expedite the process to file the dispute with both entities. Attach a photocopy of your report with the erroneous items highlighted or circled. Make sure your letter is clear and to the point. State what the discrepancies are as well as provide any documentation that you may have that this obligations have been paid. The Consumer Request for Reinvestigation form should accompany your copy of the report to get out of ChexSystems.

Step 3: Send Your Dispute Letter

In case you are wondering how long does it take to get out of ChexSystems, the law mandates that ChexSystems must respond to all dispute requests within 30 days. In the state of Maine, they only have 21 days to reply. If either the bank or ChexSystems fails to respond within the allotted time, then the items under dispute must be removed without further question. After the appropriate time has passed, you may send a Demand for Removal letter, and they must remove these items.

Anything that you send to ChexSystems should always be sent by certified mail. Make sure to get a request for a return receipt too. This gives you the documentation that you need to show that your requests were received by the intended recipient, and it documents the date they received them too. If they should fail to respond in a timely manner, this will serve as the proof that you need, should you obtain a ChexSystems removal attorney to help with your dispute.

Step 4: Keep Track and Follow Up

To get your record cleared from your ChexSystems report, you must be diligent and follow up with your request. This company receives hundreds of requests every day, so you want to make sure your report doesn't slip through the cracks. If you have wrong information on your consumer file, then you should send a Procedural Request letter or ChexSystems removal letter to the company.

Again, make sure this letter is sent by certified mail with a return receipt. Once they receive your request, they have 15 days to complete the re-investigation. Within this allotted time, they must supply you with the requested information and what they have found from their research. If they fail to meet these timelines, then they can face an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission or other legal issues.

You, also, have a right to file a formal complaint against the banking institution or ChexSystems for failing to respond. The OCC or Office of the Comptroller of Currency, NCUA or National Credit Union Administration, your Attorney General’s Office, or the State Banking Commission can help. If all else fails, then taking them to court in a small claim suit may be the only way to get some action.

If the information on your report is accurate, then you must pay back the funds owed to get the account marked "Paid in full.” Negative information can impact your report for five years, so it is wise to pay off anything that can be damaging when you apply for credit. Since there are very few banks that don´t use Chexsystems, having a good consumer report with them is imperative.

Step 5: ChexSystems Dispute Letter Template

All ChexSystems disputes start with a simple letter. The ChexSystems removal letter should have all the information necessary to investigate your claim. There are many samples on the internet, but here is one of the best ones available:

June 12, 2021
Diana Stewart
136 Main Street
Columbus, Ohio 43123
Complaint Department
ChexSystems Inc.
7805 Hudson Rd.,
Suite 100
Woodbury, MN 55125
To Whom It May Concern;
After reviewing the information in my consumer file, I find it necessary to file a dispute. I have attached a copy of my report, and I have highlighted the items that I find to be in error. This item is inaccurate because (list reasons why here.)I am, furthermore, requesting that this item is removed or changed to reflect the correct information.
Additionally, I would like to request any contractual documents presented to you by the bank that shows my obligation to pay this amount.Attached are the copies of the records that you can use in your investigation of this matter. I appreciate your consideration within the 15 days allotted by law. If you should have any questions, I can be reached at (614) 856-5698.
Diana Stewart

Getting Your File Cleared

It shouldn’t be a long and drawn out battle to have erroneous information removed from your file. When considering ChexSystems how to get off is not as hard as you may think. The goal is to make sure that your letter is received and that someone is investigating this matter on your behalf. Remember, you always have the option of escalating the process to ensure that your matter receives the prompt attention that it deserves.

Banks that dont use Chexsystems report

The Ultimate Guide to Non ChexSystems Banks


It is challenging to find a bank that will accept you after you have had issues with your checking account. This is so because most banks use ChexSystems to track your checking history when you apply for an account. However, there are banks that will still accept you even with a bad ChexSystems record as can be seen on our list later on this guide.

There are many reasons why you can be banned from financial institutions including insufficient funds and excessive overdrafting among others as seen on ChexSystems [10]. You have different options, mostly in online banks that don´t use ChexSystems to qualify applicants. Each of these banks offer different perks.

Having a no Chex Systems banks account is paramount even when you have an active account with a bank that uses ChexSystems. Sometimes, banks that qualify applicants with the ChexSystems may conduct a sweep and you end up having no records. This can trouble you when your account has been frozen and you had all your money there; it takes as much as 30 days for you to access your account.

Irrespective of your past in finances, you can still access banking services. We have prepared a list of the banks where you can take your bad ChexSystems records. However, just like any other business, the terms of service of these banks is bound to change.

Understanding ChexSystems and ChexSystems Records

So, What is ChexSystems and how does it affect you?

ChexSystems is a database that financial institutions use to determine whether applicants are too great a risk to them [1]. The system is regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Banks report to the ChexSystems when one of their customers is having issues, which may lead to bank account closure or the customer is having overdrafts.

This system should not be confused with credit reports; the ChexSystems does not have a history of your bad or your good behavior, and instead, features all the issues you have had with banks in the past. A bank can report you to ChexSystems if you have repeatedly bounced checks, if your account has been closed due to negative balances or you lied when opening a bank account.

What Does Your ChexSystems Record Contain?

A ChexSystems record is a database that states all the issues you have ever had with banks. The record will state whether you owe money to another bank, clearly stating the reason. The record stays online for up to five years. You can request for your ChexSystems report if you have been denied an account in the past six months.

I Have A ChexSystems Record And I Need A Bank Account , What Should I Do?

Once you have been reported to the ChexSystems, most banks, except non ChexSystems banks will bar your applications, but there is still a way to get a bank account as explained below.

1. Signup With a Bank that does not Check ChexSystems

There are banks that consider your credit history when approving your application while others use other criteria but never the ChexSystems [2]; you can choose one of these banks and open a regular account with them. One of these banks, and the one we recommend is BBVA Compass ClearChoice Free Checking Account.

The good thing with BBVA is that it considers people with ChexSystems records and even has services crafted for them. With BBVA, you are guaranteed of a fully-featured checking account with no limitations at all. If, for any reason, your BBVA checking account application is denied, you will be offered the chance of opening a Compass Easy Checking Account, which is a second-chance account. The Compass Easy Checking Account is crafted specially for people with ChexSystems issues.

2. Open a Second Chance Checking Account

If you have ChexSystems issues, there are banks that offer you a redemption chance with a second chance account; this account and its features are crafted for people with ChexSystems records. Here, we recommend BBVA'S Easy Checking Account. This account is designed to take those with credit and ChexSystems issues [3]. First off, however, you need to apply for the regular BBVA Free Checking account; if it is approved, your problem is solved. If your request, however, does not go through, consider the Easy Checking Account.

The latter is different from the Free Checking account in that there are a few limitations and you will be required to pay a meager monthly fee. This is not different from applying for a non-free checking bank account from most mainstream banks.

3. Dispute Your ChexSystems Record And Get Out Of It

To solve the whole problem, however, you can dispute your ChexSystems record and have it removed. This is a great way because it gets rid of the problem once and for all; you can now apply to any bank you want. However, it is important to realize that though banks like BBVA do not concentrate much on your ChexSystems record, they check other services that keep track of your credit.

Before disputing your ChexSystems report, therefore, it is important that you check your credit score and know where you stand. Even after disputing your ChexSystems record, with a bad credit score, you may not get to open an account [4]. If you have a bad ChexSystems record and a clean credit report, your chances of successfully disputing your ChexSystems record are high. Note that ChexSystems and credit reports are not related.

4. Other Alternatives When You Failed to Open a Traditional US Bank Account

If you cannot open a traditional checking account with a bank, you should consider online and mobile savings accounts. These operate like banks online only with a few limitations. There are a high number of accounts that you can operate online and on your mobile without the need to have a good credit score or even when you have ChexSystems systems. Unlike traditional banks, online and mobile banking services do not require your presence at their premises.

With this option, you may not save or withdraw a large sum of money. A good example is eWallet, Prepaid cards and Bitcoin among others.

Best Banks That Don't Use ChexSystems in 2017

The non ChexSystems bank list below outlines renowned banks that allow you to open an account even when you have ChexSystems record.

1. BBVA Compass ClearChoice Free Checking

BBVA Compass

BBVA Compass is one of the most renowned 25 banks in USA. However, the bank only operates in 7 states. It features in this list thanks to its great features and the fact that it accepts those with ChexSystems problems. The bank, which has been in operation since 2007, has a total of 688 branches with half of these being in Texas.

If you live in Texas, Alabama, New Mexico, Colorado, Florida, California and Arizona, you can access the services offered by BBVA. Anyone living outside these states cannot access the services of the bank. The BBVA free checking account is a good choice if you live in any of these seven states.

BBVA offered five checking account options for you to choose from. The basic of them all is the free checking account, which is what we recommend you start with. There is also a paid checking account for those who cannot access the first account due to their ChexSystems record; this is the Easy Checking account. There is also an interest checking account that you might consider. If you need a prepaid debit card, you might consider the BBVA ClearSpend Prepaid Visa Account.

There are lots of benefits associated with BBVA Compass Checking accounts. When you have an account with the bank, you get the following benefits and features:

• Low interest rates when you borrow money

• Appealing service standards in the Sunbelt region

• Intuitive apps that sport all basic features you would need

• Strong online and banking security

• You can get a free checking account with no maintenance fee

• You only need to deposit $25 for checking account opening

• 1000 BBVA ATMs available for withdrawals

• Free online, mobile marketing and bill pay

• Unlimited check writing

• Free Visa debit card featuring a personalized photo

There are premium checking accounts available for those who are interested. With a premium account, you get 2 automatic rebates on ATM fees and your money earns interest. This premium checking account costs $15 while the interest checking account costs $25 a month.

As earlier mentioned, the standard BBVA checking account is offered free. It is the first one that users try opening and only move to try others when the free account has been denied. BBVA Compass has 1000 ATMs. Ergo, you need to ensure that there is an ATM machine near you lest you are charged $2.50 for withdrawing from an ATM not in the network. You can also check from a few stores to see whether they offer cash-back with any fees.

A free checking account is full-featured:

• Open with only $25

• Mobile banking with a mobile app

• Free online banking

• Pay bills

• Free paper and online statements

• Unlimited check writing

There are no monthly service charges with a free account and there are no charges for using the BBVA ATMs.

2.BBVA ClearConnect Checking

One of the reasons why we recommend BBVA is that it offers convenience. The ClearConnect checking account works with BBVA Wallet; this is an app that lets you manage your money by creating a budget that goes with your needs and your available money. This is a straight forward account that does not require any service fees.

This is one of the best accounts which worked with a savings or any other account with BBVA. Features include:

• No monthly and no annual fees

• No credit check

• Free online banking and mobile deposits and banking

• Customizable alerts

• Online and paper statements for free

• Unlimited check writing

• Minimum opening balance of $25

• Access to BBVA Wallet app for convenient banking

• No ATM fees

• No ChexSystems considerations

3. Capital One 360


Opening a Capital One 360 account is easy even with ChexSystems record. The bank considers your ChexSystems record but that is not the only thing they check; they also check your credit score and your EWS report too. Unless you have been reported to have a history of fraud, you can open an account with this bank.

A while ago, Capital One 30 used to be the go to bank when people had ChexSystems records, but the bank later changed its policies becoming a little bit stricter. If you happen to have bad credit and ChexSystems record, you will be rejected. Features:

• No monthly or annual fees

• No account minimum

• Mobile check deposits

• Accrue interests with rates starting 0.2 percent

4. Discover Online Saving Account

This is a high interest option. The bank offers you a chance to open an account even with ChexSystems but just like Capital One 360, the bank policies are a bit strict and you may get rejected; this is especially true when your credit report is bad. The bank offers you a chance to store your deposits and also to access online services at the comfort of your home. Main features include:

• Minimum initial deposit of $500

• You do not have to maintain the minimum savings after opening the account

• Gain interests of up to 0.95 percent annually

• No account opening fee

• No account maintenance fee; either monthly or annually

• Direct deposits and check deposits can be done on phone

Besides the high minimum initial deposit of $500, the account offers you a great chance to bank and enjoy great features including high interests.

5. Washington Savings Bank

Washington Savings Bank

This is one of the banks in this list that uses ChexSystems but it is less stringent as compared to other banks. The bank allows you to open a Rewards Card Checking Account. However, you have to have criminal or fraud records. Again, your former account charges should be less than $2000. You will be charged $9.95 as monthly account maintenance fee and recurring direct deposits every month.

The account offers:

• Unlimited Checks

• MasterCard Debit card

• Free use of Allpoint ATMs

• After a year of having a solid report, you can apply for an account with lesser fees.

6. Renasant Bank

This is a bank for those who reside in Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. The bank does not consider ChexSystems, EWS or Telecheck when approving your account, but instead ,offers you an account as long as you do not owe any money to any bank. You will require a minimum initial deposit of $50 and a monthly maintenance charge of $7.50 unless you are able to keep your monthly deposits above $500.

7. Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit

True to its name, this bank serves active and retired members of the military. These include National Guard, Armed Forces, Coast Guard and Department of Defense. If you are in this category of bank customers, NFCU offers you a great option. It does not use EWS or ChexSystems when approving your application. Opening an account with NFCU does not require an initial deposit and you will be offered a free checking account; no monthly or annual maintenance fees.

8. People Cash Solutions

As long as you don't have a history of fraud, you can get an account with People Cash Solutions with ease. This is a bank that accepts individuals with Telecheck and ChexSystems records. Even better, the bank offers an account to people with bad credit and those who are bankrupt. People Cash Solutions charge a monthly fee of $4.95 and it offers unlimited checks and a MasterCard debit card.

9. TD Bank

This is another option that offers an account to those with ChexSystems record. TD Ameritrade account is an account crafted for those with ChexSystems. There is one catch though, for you to open Ameritrade account, you need to have opened a brokerage account. Once you have created a brokerage account, you can sign for a checking account separately. TD Bank operates as a brokerage.


• No minimum deposit

• Unlimited checks

• Free debit card

• No monthly fees

• Pay bills online

• Deposit directly

10. TCF Bank

tfc bank

TCF is a bank for those who reside in Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota. The bank allows you to open an account as long as you do not owe the bank. However, TCF considers EWS records and your application may be rejected based on that.


• Minimum initial deposit of $25

• No minimum daily balance

• No monthly fees

• Unlimited checks

11. United Bank

United is one of the banks that do not check ChexSystems at all. The bank operates in Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC and West Virginia. After opening the checking account, you can upgrade to a rewards checking account that allows you to earn discounts and cashback rewards on theme parks, movies and prescriptions.

• $10 monthly maintenance fee

• Minimum initial deposit of $50

• Maintenance fee waiver after 15 monthly purchase transactions or with $500 minimum monthly deposits

12. Fort Sill National Bank

FSNB is a great option; it does not use ChexSystems and it does not require you to be in the military to apply. You will get a free checking account once you are approved. You will require $5 minimum initial deposit. Though the checking account is free, you will require a daily minimum of $75, otherwise, you will be levied a charge of $5.50 every month. The bank offers you a free Visa CheckCard and you have access to online banking services.

13. First Convenience Bank

first convenience

First Convenience Bank operates in New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. They offer a free non ChexSystems checking account if you maintain a daily minimum of $100 otherwise, you will be charged $12 per monthly account maintenance fee. If you have a recurring minimum deposit of $100, you will also enjoy a free account with no maintenance fees. When applying for the account, the bank does not consider ChexSystems, EWS or even Telecheck. You will require a minimum initial deposit of $1.

14. Suntrust Bank

Suntrust has been recorded as using ChexSystems; it depends with the severity of the ChexSystems issue that you have. If you have had fraud issues, you cannot get approved. The bank offers a variety of checking account to their customers, but with ChexSystems record, you should start with Essential Checking Account.

Checking accounts are free; all you need to do is meet one of the conditions the bank has set. If you fail to meet the conditions, you pay a monthly account maintenance fee of $7. The conditions state that you must maintain a minimum deposit of $500 or have a minimum recurring monthly deposit of $500.

15. USA Free Checking

US Bank

USA is a bank for military families serving retired members of the military, their spouses and their children. The bank also serves members of the National Guard. To start with, you will need a minimum initial deposit of $25 and you are not required to maintain any minimum balance. The bank does not require any monthly services fees. Once your account has been opened, you can take advantages of free ATMs, overdraft protection and mobile check deposits. Though the bank does not use ChexSystems, it uses EWS when screening applications.

16. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a national bank and is available for almost everyone. The bank offers Opportunity Checking and though it has a horde of restrictions, it can help you keep track of your money when you are in need of help. The minimum initial deposit is $50 and you will have to pay a monthly service fee of $10. However, the service fee can be waived if you maintain a daily minimum balance of $1500 or if you maintain a minimum recurring monthly deposit of $500. This account comes with two unique features;

• Budget Watch

• My Spending Watch Report

17. Woodforest Bank

Woodforest Bank

Woodforest is for Texas residents; it is a regional bank. It offers you a chance to open an account when you have ChexSystems record and even offers second chance checking accounts. You will be offered an account when you walk into any of the bank branches. With Woodforest, the minimum initial deposit is $25 and you will be required to pay a one-off account setup fee of $9. With direct deposits, the monthly service fee is $9.95 and without direct deposits, you pay a monthly fee of $11.95.

Second Chance Checking Account

Second chance accounts act like bridges between the world of banking and those who do not have access to banking services solely because of their past finance history. There are about 16 million Americans without access to banking services.

Banks will always reject applications due to the applicants' flawed financial history. Second chance checking accounts offer you fresh start checking. When you do not have a bank account, you tend to rely on prepaid debit cards and check cashing services, which are costly. With banks that offer second chance banking, you are guaranteed of low or even no minimum balance requirements. The benefit is that you can upgrade your second chance account to a regular account of your choice and do not have fees or negative balances within a period of 1 year.

Unlike regular checking accounts, second chance accounts come with more limitations and have monthly service fees that cannot be waived. These accounts help you rebuild your banking history but they do not have any impact on your credit report [5].

Non ChexSystems Credit Unions and banks that don't use early warning services differ from banks offering second chance banking. Second chance banking will be offered by any bank whether it uses ChexSystems or it doesn't.

Best Second Chance Bank Accounts

Below is a list of second chance banks that offer you a place to start.

1. BBVA Compass Bank

BBVA offers Free Checking account to those with ChexSystems problems. Unlike other banks, BBVA does not impose all the limitations that other banks impose on account holders. There are three checking accounts you can open with BBVA; Free Checking Account, Easy Checking and Clear Choice Savings.

When you have ChexSystems, apply for the basic second chance checking account, the Free Checking Account, if your application is denied, move on to apply for other account such as the ClearChoice Savings Account. The ClearChoice account is for those who want to earn interest with the money that sits in their bank account. The account is free if you are able to maintain a daily balance of $500 or more or you are able to transfer at least $25 every month from your checking account to your ClearChoice account.

BBVA's Easy Checking account is like the official second chance account. If your applications for the free checking and for the ClearChoice accounts are rejected, you will have a chance with the Easy Checking Account. With this account, you get:

• To Pay monthly service fee of $13.95

• Unlimited check writing

• Online and mobile banking

• Bill pay and free online statements

• $10 personalized BBVA Visa debit card

• Free ATM use

• $3 for paper statements

2. People Cash Solutions

This bank offer redemption when you have ChexSystems record, EWS or Telecheck. It is one bank that takes in all customers as long as they do not have a history of fraud. The bank even takes those who are bankrupt and those whose credit report is bad. Only a service charge of $4.95 per month will be levied.

3. US Bank

The US Bank poses as one of the most popular 25 banks in the US. There are a host of stories and testimonials online with consumers saying that they were able to open a bank account even with bad credit. The bank considers ChexSystems but not as strictly as other banks, and thereby offers second chance banking at a monthly service fee.

4. Woodforest Bank

Woodforest offers an account specially designed for those with ChexSystems, EWS and Telecheck problems. Their Second Chance Checking offers a great chance or redemption to those with problems. There are limitations and service fees and on top of that, you get unlimited checks, a personalized debit MasterCard and regular banking features. Nevertheless, you will not be able to access bank services online and you have to go to the bank in person. Unfortunately for consumers, this bank is not a national bank and it is not available in most states.

Dispute Your ChexSystems Record And Get Out Of It

Sometimes the bank can accuse you wrongly and you end up with a ChexSystems record. As seen on Perfectfitness , if your ChexSystems report is inaccurate the bank and other information provider will have no option but to correct the information. You can appeal in three easy steps:

1. Get a Copy of your report

The first step is in verifying the information on your ChexSystems report; print a copy from ChexSystems and go through it screening all the details to look for any inaccurate information. If any of the information offered on your report is not accurate, you will need to get the necessary documents as evidence [6].

2. Write to ChexSystems

When a part or the entire report contains inaccurate details, you will need to write to ChexSystems informing them of the wrong details provided on their database. When writing a letter to ChexSystems, include the necessary documentation as proof of inaccuracy. The letter needs to be detailed and precise, outlining all the information that is wrong and why you need it withdrawn in entirety. The best way is to include a copy of the report you earlier acquired highlighting the inaccurate details.

3. Contact Bank or Credit Union Involved

You can contact the bank or the credit unions involved and ask them to rectify the information they provided ChexSystems. Disputes can also be handled on phone but provision of documents for evidence will have to be done by mail. When sending a letter to the bank or to ChexSystems, ensure you use certified mail as you will have a proof of delivery.

What Happens after You Dispute?

It will take ChexSystems between 30 and 45 days to investigate your claims. If your claim does not have the necessary evidence backing, ChexSystems will ignore it, and no investigation will be done. In case your documents look realistic, an investigation will be conducted and the findings sent to the reporting institution or bank for further action. The reporting institution will confirm the claims and send their findings to ChexSystems, which then removes your record or declines the claims.

What Other Alternatives Are There When I Failed To Open A Traditional US Bank Account?

Sometimes, getting a checking account while on ChexSystems is a challenge. You may wonder what bank does not use ChexSystems and after finding one, other factors such as credit report fail you. This is where you resolve to using other methods. However, some of these alternative banking methods are a bit costly.

1. Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are easy to get since there is no credit check and there is no ChexSystems check. They offer a way to manage finances [7]. However, most of the cards charge relatively high fees for services such as withdrawals. Again, the cards do not impact your credit report. Generally, you will never find a prepaid card without fees, but their benefits outweigh their disadvantages.

2. Secured Credit Cards

A secured card allows you access to services you would get with a traditional bank account. Approval is easy as no credit check is required. With the card, you can make deposits, you can pay your bills, wire money, money order or check, and a number of other services. The good thing with the cards is that they contribute to your credit score.

3. eWallet

Online Money savings and transfer services have grown tremendously in the past few years. The services allow you to make digital transactions; you can deposit money, send it or even use the account for savings [8].

4. Brokerage/Money Market Accounts

You can invest with your money by opening a brokerage account. Though this is not the best option when you frequently withdraw money, it is an option that allows you to save the money and access it later, having grown.

5. Foreign Bank Accounts

This is a good option especially if you transact a lot of money. You can choose international or foreign bank accounts in other countries. The good this is, ChexSystems will not apply there and you will be screened against a different criterion. However, most foreign banks will consider your credit report.

6. Bitcoin

This is digital currency. Just like when you are running an eWallet account, transacting in Bitcoins does not require a credit check and does not require ChexSystems. You only need to load Bitcoins and start transacting. You can save bitcoins and you can deposit, withdraw or send.

Conclusion and My Recommendation

If you appear on ChexSystems, you can dispute, have a bank that does not consider ChexSystems or open a second chance account. If all that fails, look for other options that do not involve a conventional bank such as eWallet. It is recommended that you always check your checking history [9].

However, before you resolve to use costly options as prepaid cards, you should check out BBVA Compass. The company will offer you redemption while allowing the privilege of enjoying services you would otherwise enjoy with a regular bank account. I recommend BBVA Compass.

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A Guide to Preparing Yourself for a Corporate Level Interview

What Do You Know About the Company?

It’s often the first question that you will be asked during a corporate level interview. So, what do you know about the company? And it’s a reasonable question. However, it’s also a loaded one.

A real interviewer isn’t asking whether or not you know what products they sell or what their share price is. Those are the answers they expect when interviewing for cubicle based roles.

No, when it comes to corporate hires, they are looking for much more.

The answer that needs to roll off your tongue can be broken down into two parts.

What Is the Company's Position in the Market?

Responses about their subscriber numbers, share price, or even recent management changes (that you happened to glean from a passing article on your phone) just aren’t going to cut it. Simply because the interviewer is looking for a driver, not an observer.

  • Research information about how each of the company’s product lines compares to that of its rivals. This research should utilize actual comparable data.
  • Discover where their presence in the market is dominant and what products are keeping them there.
  • For companies that operate online, such as the Groupon Coupons page for Allen Edmonds, what are their infrastructure costs and how can these affect their pricing models?
  • Find out about their internal structure, including any outsourcing models they utilize.

A response which relies on this type and level of information shows an interviewer that you know how to look past superficial positions to see what drives their growth. This suggests to the interviewer that you further know how to continue this drive.

What Are Their Current and Upcoming Challenges?

If your answer mentions beating their competitors by offering better products, you’re not putting yourself in a good position. Consider the following:

  • Which points of presence are their competitors dominant?
  • What demographics dictate that market dominance?
  • Which product is the company in question offering to reach this demographic and why is it failing?
  • What regulatory barriers does the company face?
  • Where has the company recently seen significant growth, and why?

The above points are great starting off places to garner a solid understanding of where the company sits. It also tells the interviewer that you understand how product lines work, how they are targeted, and how to tweak individual parts.

Next, You Need to Know What They Will Be up Against in the Future

As an example, for companies that provide internet access, how are net neutrality regulatory changes likely to affect their business and advertising models is a great question to ask yourself and then answer in preparation. Of course, this question will need to be adapted to the specific company you are hoping to work for, but the idea remains the same. Consider the challenges you see the company facing, research them, and bring them into your answer.

Interviews at a corporate level are hard. And with good reason; you will have a large hand in running actual parts of the company, not just providing customer service over the phone. The tips and ideas mentioned above are great places to start if you are lucky enough to have landed yourself an interview and can really put you in a great position to get the job.

Common Money Myths That Block Black People From Wealth

I have got to start this one off carefully. This one is embedded within the psyche of the American way of life. I have even been guilty on some stages of perpetuating this delusion in my lifestyles with varying outcome. I have come to realize that within the pursuit of real wealth, it may possibly stunt your monetary progress and hold you trapped financially. "Fake it until you make It." These six words can derail you from wealth and go away you Faking It endlessly.

If you are pursuing an appearing profession and lack some credentials whilst on an audition, "Fake it until you're making it," may very good work to your desire. Hanging yourself in positions the place you've gotten the skill however lack the expertise, "False it till you are making it," can also be your pal. When coping with wealth and wealth building in particular, this philosophy becomes a fantasy, and an outright fools procedure.

Wealth constructing is a system that requires discipline, planning and steadfastness. There is no room to be distracted through vivid objects. What number of brothers and sisters have I identified driving "foreign cars" costing $60-$70k, but dwelling with their family and children in substandard housing in assessment to the luxurious vehicles they have.

In case your car observe is close to equal to or more than your hire or personal loan, you will have set yourself up for "Faking it till you are making it," for the very foreseeable future. In the learn of over 500 millionaires over a 20 yr interval, over eighty percentage of them buy their automobiles, no notes. Fifty percentage by no means paid greater than $30k for a auto of their complete lives! Convenient entry to credit score, false perceptions of wealth blended with societal pressures can result in financial disaster.

There are subculture choices that must be cleared up from the start. Merchandise alternate humans. Most of the time when one acquires one repute product, you are going to doubtless have to buy an extra and another to maintain your popularity. Before you realize it, your entire lifestyle is based on and transformed by these fame products.

Your neighbors and individuals at work could start to suppose that you're living colossal, when truly you might be residing from paycheck to paycheck. Deciding to buy a subculture that you're going to on the whole not ever be able to afford now, except you re prioritize what's really predominant to you.